Tuesday, September 25, 2007

9/25 Mmmmm.... Burgers

We had a sweet cookout today at work. Our bosses made us hamburgers and hotdogs and stuff. It was pretty sweet. I didn't see anyone from my unit there, though. I hope they were coming later, and weren't just mad about the whole merger deal.

I'm working on some cover songs again. I'd like to start playing in the coffeehouse, but I think I need some practice first.

Monday, September 24, 2007

9/24 Arg

09/24/2007 Firefly Coffeehouse History and Physical

Willard K. Cupp 21 M 0001298321

Chief Complaint: Generalized Headache, Anxiety, Restlessness

History of Present Illness: Patient arose at around noon today after working until 3 AM. Upon waking, the patient immediately was assailed with the triple threat: headache, anxiety, and restlessness. He planned on taking some Ibuprofen and eating something delicious to relieve his symptoms per his usual routine. Upon finding that he had no snacks in the house and forgetting to take his meds, he was forced to carry on without relief. He proceeded to put away laundry and pack up the laptop under the crushing weight of his ailments. The patient managed to complete these tasks and drive himself to the firefly for treatment without incident, except for forgetting his cell phone. Upon arrival, the patient self medicated with a ham and cheese sandwich and a Jone's soda, in an attempt to avoid his usual "unhealthy" choice of a brownie and coffee. This mistake cost him $4 more than he usually pays, with no relief from any of his symptoms.

Family History: Significant for being awesome, but maybe a bit neurotic.

Personal/Social History: See HPI. RN at Parkview hospital, AKA he works like a dog. Also, everything on his unit is being changed as they merge with another unit. He is also a full time college student. Married: his wife will probably kill him if he spends another five bucks at this place.

Review of systems: Negative. As in: I don't feel like writing all this stuff out.




We will attempt to proceed with internet, time wasting treatment. If this does not lead to resolution, then we will proceed with coffee therapy. If anxiety continues we will look into brownie options. As he needs to get started on his homework soon, time is of the essence and we may need to initiate treatment very soon.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the care of this patient.

Your Mom, MD

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

9/19 Babelgum, boredom, and bone spurs

Don't go to the doctor. A month ago, I was perfectly healthy. Now I am afflicted with Gilbert's syndrome and I have a painful bone spur on the posterior, lateral aspect of my right talus.

Babelgum.com, it's a pretty cool site. You can download the client and watch indie films. I haven't had time to really check it out, but so far it's pretty cool.

I am so bored. I'm on the internet way too much. I've noticed I have an inordinate number of posts on my friends' various profiles.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Visual DNA

9/18 introductions, meetings, and dedications

Okay, I am going to try to blog again. I tried Xanga for a while, but I just don't like it very much. Sorry, but it's true. Inspired by Matt's Med School blog, I'm going to give ol' Blogspot a chance.

I'll try to talk about my life as a male nurse and make that the focus of this blog. I'll probably avoid talking about specific, significant others in my life. I may also rant about politics, philosophy, music, or religion. I will probably sound pretentious and ignorant at some point. That's okay because everyone is ignorant at some point or another and we all have a duty to present our views to foster dialectic discussions. If I am obstinate or obtuse, then it' becomes a problem.

Work: I worked from 3 PM until 3 AM last night. Not bad- that's my usual. I didn't get downstaffed, so I can't complain. I did get floated from 3P-7P. I went to ortho. It was my first time floating, so it was somewhat horrifying, however, everyone was exceedingly gracious and my patients were mostly medical anyways. I'd better get used to it, because neuro (my unit) is combining with ortho and trauma in November. The old-timey, cap-wearers are pretty ticked about it, but I've only been on Neuro for 6 months, so I'm barely a 'neuro nurse' anyway. I'm keeping my job, so really I'm sort of excited about getting some trauma experience. We had a joint staff meeting with ortho at 8 AM today to talk about this wonderful merger. That meant I only got like 3 hours of sleep last night. I can't complain though, I spoke with a family practice resident who said she worked over 100 hours last week! I always thought she was a bit short with us, I guess I can't blame her.

School: I'm officially sliding into the middle semester slump. I'm taking my classes for granted and just doing what I have to do. I'm putting forth an effort starting now to regain lost ground. It's hard to feel motivated about Stats, Professional Seminar, and Informatics. I love Health Assessment even though it's just basically rehashing basic techniques, at least it is clinically focused. My music class rules. I get to play my guitar. What else needs said. Music Minor: prognosis is guarded. Changes to my work schedule may make my dreams of a minor nearly impossible. We'll see!

Life: Good! Teaching sunday school with Ang. It's tough to get up early, but I'm really enjoying it. If I'm too crusty to work with kids at this age, then I've really got issues. I'm going to the CN football game on Friday. Good times for sure! I still need to make it out to a CN soccer game. I'm sure I will, it's just a matter of scheduling.

Music: Practicing the tuba daily. My tone is gross, but not as bad as it was. My sightreading is improving. Still focusing on longtones, buzzing, and scales. No banjo/mando practice as of late. I've been playing my guitar for class, so that is very cool. I actually HAVE to compose melodies. It's the best class ever.

Politics: Who to support for president? Nobody! I think I'll write in Jesus for president this year. Plus, what to do about healthcare? How can we maintain competition while making care affordable? It's a toughie. I guess people should just do what they have to do to get themselves insured, but I guess that's pretty naive. Also, gay marriage... should it be illegal? Should the government even be involved in something that is so religiously/philosophically based (marriage)? I'm not sure yet!

I hope I can blog as dedicatedly and as well as my sister, who's Xanga posts I look forward to in my inbox.