Sunday, June 7, 2009

To Recap...

I haven't posted since January, but I have been prompted to do so by a buddy of mine, so here we go!

I finished my bachelor's degree this semester. Upon hearing the news, many people ask me, "So, does that change your job title or anything?" The answer is no. It doesn't change anything on the surface. Basically, it gives me the opportunity to go on to grad school, I get a small bonus from Parkview, and it gives me more opportunity for advancement.
I am looking forward to grad school. My RN to BSN program focused on nursing leadership, community health nursing, etc., but I am looking forward to learning more advanced pharmacology, pathophysiology (related to pathology), and physical assessment skills. It's exciting stuff.

We moved. We bought a house in Wolf Lake and we love it. We have a lot of stuff we'd like to do to it, but it's in pretty good shape, and it's much better for Anika. Plus, we have a yard!

Music? Oh yeah, I like that don't I? I used to have time to do anything with it? Yes, I seem to recall.... It's all coming back to me!
Anyway, I've been trying to keep up with practicing my guitar and doing some digital stuff, but it's difficult with eveything else I'm doing. I think I should focus on making digital music since I do enjoy it so much, but I'm worried that I would then lose my physical abilities on the guitar, banjo, etc... It's a dilemma!

Anyway, I'm lovin' life! It is good, despite my inability to keep pace with all of my obsessions.