Monday, August 17, 2009

Twitter, life, etc.

I'm using Twitter now. It was bound to happen. Early in Twitter's fame, I thought that I would succeed in abstaining from yet another social networking website, but I guess since a bunch of Iranian protesters used it to 'fight the man', it has a little more legitimacy in my mind. It's a cool way to pick up little nuggets of information. I suppose as long as I'm reading neuroscience tweets and my friends' updates, it's not all that bad. If I start reading celebrity tweets, I probably need to go ahead and be fully assimilated into the borg.

I'm gearing up to start grad school in a couple of weeks. I'm pretty excited. I've read the first chapters of all my books already. I'm just that cool.

I'm studying for my CNRN (neuroscience nursing) exam in October. Next summer I'll try for my CCRN (critical care nursing). Then I shall be unstoppable.

Angie and I are expecting a new baby! Feb. 14, 2010 THE SEQUEL (or our Sophomore release)

We got a dog! Max is a 3 year old male boxer, and he's huge. He's really nice and well mannered. He's house trained and takes all sorts of abuse from my daughter. He's just that cool.

I'm still keeping it real in ST(N)ICU. I was offered an interview with the Community Nursing department at Parkview a while back, but I declined (even though I applied, I really didn't think they'd give me an interview). I just can't leave the unit yet. I have a lot to learn, plus I feel like I'd lose my clinical skills. Hmmm... a 9-5 job with 1hr lunches outside the hospital where I get paid more to do easier work vs. 3a-3p job with 30min lunches in the break room where I get paid relatively little to do very demanding work. I think I have a mental disorder.