Friday, September 12, 2008

Yeah, It is very much back to school time

So, I'm working full-time and going to school full-time. I tried that last semester and ended up dropping a class.... I think it'll actually work this time!

My classes are pretty low-key for the most part. I think I'll be able to get through them alright.

It's a very community-oriented semester for me. It's interesting to see nursing focused on something other than direct physical needs. The role of the nurse (advocate, etc.) is the same, but instead of focusing on one sick person, the community nurse sets up systems to improve the health of communities.

FYI: Community health nursing is different than public health nursing...

I recently purchased two books by F Nightingale: "Notes on Nursing: What it is and what it is not" and "Florence Nightingale: To her nurses". Very good stuff! It's creepy that I'm starting to enjoy nursing theory....

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BlackenedBoy said...

I was taking eighteen credits and commuting this semester, but that just became too much and I wound up dropping one of my classes as well.

I can't imagine working and doing school full time. When do you get a break?