Sunday, November 9, 2008


So, I played about 36 measures of moderate tempo bluegrass banjo for my old high school this weekend. They're doing a pretty good production of Oklahoma. It's been fun seeing how everything is pretty much the same, just with different people. Things really don't change that much...

Other than that, it's business as usual. I dropped my transcultural health care class due to being busy as a cracker, but I'll take in next semester. I should still graduate at the end of this academic year if I can test out of a couple of classes (I should be able to!) I've been spending lots of time with the fam. I've been working and going to school as well. On a happy note, we may go to Europe during Winter Break. Brrr..... Oh well, we can't afford to go in the summer!

Sometimes it's depressing to hear what people think of nursing. I try to avoid the subject with those outside the field because people are usually unintentionally insulting or patronizing. I think that much of what people believe about nursing stems from outdated feelings about class and gender. Nursing carries the stigma of not only being a 'technical' rather than academic field (which is only partly true), but also as 'women's work'. It seems that many people carry around this faulty, inherited idea of nurses being simple, but caring as they dutifully scrub bedpans and hand out pills. I'm not trying to say that undergraduate nurses are medical experts (some advanced practice nurses do have very advanced medical knowledge), but it just seems to me that there is a widespread misunderstanding of the profession.

My blog is now linked with facebook, too. Yay?

"You're doin' fine, Oklahoma.... O.K.!"

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