Monday, January 19, 2009

Come on, America!

Compare the above news sites. The top is the BBC's health news page, the bottom is CNN's. Take a moment and compare the two if you will. The BBC has stories about cutting edge medical advances while CNN has Dr. Gupta revolutionizing modern medicine by curing our inaug-aphobia or whatever. Okay, I admit, if you give the CNN page a second or two, the main story changes, and there was one that might possibly have some interesting neurology in it, but of course it was about eating. CNN seems to be focused on stress, eating, and China's plastic surgery queen, while the BBC is talking about the genetics of cardiology, curing previously incurable diseases, and *perhaps with an eye towards the prurient* something about sperm. Anyway, I stopped checking regularly a long time ago. These days I stick to drudge report and the bbc. good news is hard to find!

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