Sunday, April 27, 2008

I've got my eye on the finish line....

Yeah, a great song by Pedro the Lion, but also true about me right now. School is practically over, I'm almost off orientation at work, and the baby is due in three weeks. The funny thing is, when those things happen, they just create new things for me to do. So, basically there are no finish lines.

I went for a jog today! It was pretty short (just to the video store), but it's a start. I was so out of breath when I got home, I auscultated my chest to make sure I wasn't having some kind of critical cardiopulmonary event. My lungs were well ventilated without adventitia and I didn't have any S3 or S4 heart sounds, so I figured I just ran up a healthy O2 deficit. Ten minutes later I was fine.

Last Monday I had a pathophysiology test that I didn't even know was on the syllabus (my organization has been atrocious this semester). It was on my weakest subjects, nephrology and gastroenterology. Give me hearts and brains any day, but kidneys and guts just have too many small parts to keep track of. I WANTED TO HANG MYSELF ON THE LOOP OF HENLE! stupid nephrons...

I'm probably getting a new old car sometimes soon. It'll most likely be a tiny import. Take that, global warming!

Also, my time at Blackhawk is now complete. We taught our last weekend of Sunday School this week. We've been teaching these kids for about a year now, so I'm sure gonna miss them, but now we're going back to good ol' BLC! Good times for all.

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