Friday, July 18, 2008


Yeah, I like that show a lot. My wonderful wife rented Season 3 today and I'm just starting the second disc.

The Standard Nurse Complaints:

1. They don't give nurses any credit...
- Yeah, it's true they give firefighters more medical competence than they do nurses, but that's standard procedure for TV. There are a ton of important team members in the hospital; it would be impossible to make characters for all of them.

2. The doctors do things they'd never do...
- I can just see a big shot doc running a patient through the CT scanner (or performing phlebotomy, etc.). Most of them don't even know how to use our IV pumps, but again it's probably a matter of getting as much time as possible with the main characters of the show.

Yeah, I'm a crybaby. Oh well. Nursing still has a long way to go. So does televison.

Anyway, I love this show and I will watch it in spite of my complaints!


Matt said...

We're "forbidden" to watch that show at the IUSM... apparently House is a "bad role model!!!"

Oh, and just FYI, sometimes it IS lupus... seriously.

murse53 said...

that's great.... fascist power mongers. they're probably the same kind of people who claim that crack "makes you do bad things". since when is jumping off the roof of a building and into a dumpster a bad thing?

anyway, he is mean to nurses. boo hoo. yeah, it's crazy I saw an episode where it was lupus and i know people with lupus. no good.