Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ST elevation

Hey, not all ST elevation is indicative of acute MI. Who knew? Well, I guess I knew it could also be pericarditis, but still... If the ST segment is in the shape of a frown, then your patient should be sad because they are probably having an MI. If it is in the shape of a smile, then be happy! It could be either pericarditis or benign repolarization. Trust me. I am a very trusty source.

I worked 16 hours today and I feel more entitled to complain than ever. I will make it short: I am tired and my feet hurt.

I was in Neuro ICU again today! Woot. Good times for all! I was managing ICP though, which is usually a busy process. Fortunately no Mannitol today (way too many labs with that one), but I was pushing sedation hourly. Oh the tedium. Not really, I like managing ICP, it is a good chance for a nurse to use discretion and make a real difference.

A few random goals for my work days:
-Patient has better sounding lungs when I leave than when I came
-Bond with the family
-Finish report before 1530
-Leave the patient and the room cleaner than I found them
-Lots of other groovy things

Fact: When I see commercials on TV encouraging people to pursue careers in healthcare, I shout at them, "Noooo". I actually think healthcare is very swell. Swell like edema. I wonder how swell ever came to be an adjective that means "great". I am sleepy. Hypnotoxins!

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