Tuesday, July 15, 2008

yeah, i pretty much forgot about this thing...

Okay, I haven't written here in a reeeaaallly long time. Basically, I've had a very busy summer.


6th- Anika was born! Off work for a couple weeks.
9th- Finished the semester w/ A's and B's after some rescheduled finals
20th- back to work...


First two weeks- BLC Camp Nurse! Good times. Scrapes, sprains, and a suprising amount of Otitis Media. Also earned my Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification.

14th- 1 year anniversary of my RN licensure

20th- officially off of orientation @ work! I became an independent ICU nurse (oxymoron... no ICU nurse is independent; it is a team effort. that sounds retarded, but it's true!).


10th- went with Angie to Indy for the weekend; left Anika with mom and dad. I gained seven pounds in four days! proud to say, it's all off (it was all water and *ahem* 'bowel' weight, i guess).

14th- back to guitar lessons after missing approximately one whole month of them!

so I'm back. i hope i remember to write more. i'll give you a brief run down of where I am with my life right now.


yeah, it's nice not to have to work with a preceptor any more. i get my own assignments now. i've been almost exclusively assigned to the neuro section of the STICU, which is fine with me because I love neurology and because it's intentionally quiet back there for our SAH (subarachnoid hemorrhage) patients. i'm not really antisocial, but perhaps a little schizoid/paranoid in some social situations (namely school and work; in four years at IPFW, I haven't made a single close friend!). I do fine with patients and their families, but with my co-workers I just am really shy. anyway, the nursing in 'the unit' is cool and complex; i have learned a ton! I'm working on my Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Certification now. Good times. I'll then take my Trauma Nursing Core Class next week. Good times x 2. I had to save my patient's life from some family practice residents the other day. They were literally writing the order to withdraw all care from this individual until I dragged his family in there and explained to them exactly what was going on. They had been completely misinformed. It was a disaster. Anyway, work is quite good.


starts in August.......


I finished my first book of classical guitar technique (shearer's book). I'm now on a book of novice/intermediate arrangements of classic guitar pieces (royal conservatory of music's guitar series 2). It's first/second position stuff in the keys of C, G, and D for the most part. I love it!


sis is still in Yellowstone! hurry up and get back here...

I love being a dad. It rules my world.


Matt said...

This wouldn't be the same thing as your "bad experience with the FP residents the other day", by any chance, would it?

murse53 said...

Yeah, it would! I feel a little bad about being so critical of the residents, but I'm just not so sure that first and second year residents should see ICU patients with so little supervision. It did give me a new appreciation for our regular docs though.