Tuesday, October 9, 2007

16 hours, drudgery, and Indianapolis

I worked my first 16 hour shift at Parkview last night. I stayed from 1500-0745. It wasn't really that bad. The only real difference for me was that I was noticeably sleepier than usual at the end of the shift. I went home and slept until like 1430. Also, I found out that I will work from 7p-7a, two days per week on the new unit. Very cool. The bad thing about night shift is that there is a lot of lame work we have to do. It's stuff that normally unit clerks would do (note: unit clerks rule!, but some of the stuff they have to do is not so awesome) like put rounding reports in the charts and enter all of our own orders. It's alright though, it's nice to get everything in order for day shift.

I love the internet, I HATE INTERNET CLASSES! It's like, I like bikes, but if I had to ride one for too long (like the amount of time I have to spend checking on these idiot classes) , I would vomit blood.

Angie and I are going to Indianapolis on Friday and staying two nights! We're going to either a dinner theater or symphony orchestra on Friday night, seeing Indy on Saturday, and going to a Pacers game on Saturday night. Plus, we're 21! We can go anywhere! It will rule.

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