Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Music, work, and a piano

I'm probably going to take on a music minor with guitar as my instrument. It's somewhat intimidating, but I can do it! It's going to take me probably two extra semesters to get my bachelor's degree, but you know. I just worked out my scheduling for the spring semester. Community health nursing w/ a clinical, IV therapy (kind of below my paygrade at this point, but it couldn't hurt), Disaster Nursing (one weekend), Clinical Pathophysiology, Guitar Class, and Concert Attendance. 13 credit hours all together. I'll be on campus on Monday and Thursday, plus some random Friday & Saturday. The guitar class is TBA, so I hope it is in the morning, and won't conflict with work! I get to buy a new guitar. Very exciting. No more tuba, though, which makes me sad.
Work has been nice. I got to hang blood for the first time. I also got some good experience suctioning trach's. Good times.
I'm trying to get a piano moved from Albion to Fort Wayne on Saturday. I'm mustering recruits. It should be thrilling.

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