Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On Personality Tests

How do I always get these abstract, feeling things on these tests? If I had talent, I might be a decent artist. I have very strong feelings and aesthetics, but I don't have the dedication to sit, compose, and revise. Maybe I have talent. I wouldn't know due to a lack of training and dedication. : - (

From the E-Medicine, Gilbert's Syndrome article:

History: At least 30% of patients are asymptomatic, although nonspecific symptoms such as abdominal cramps, fatigue, and malaise are common. Abdominal symptoms in these patients are a poorly defined entity and may be secondary to underlying anxiety. However, not all patients with Gilbert syndrome and abdominal symptoms are anxious; nevertheless, they appear to have organic-type discomfort that is hard to characterize and frequently eludes diagnosis. No relationship exists between these abdominal symptoms and plasma bilirubin levels. Abdominal symptoms apparently may be multifactorial, with underlying anxiety probably playing an important role.


Anonymous said...

Do you have malaise?

murse53 said...

no, but I do have, "organic-type discomfort that is hard to characterize and frequently eludes diagnosis"